Hand Holding and Fist Pumping

The most care friend holds your hand and fist pumps too nadinewouldsay

The most caring friend is the one who sits beside you on the hardest day, holding your hand as the tears do or do not flow. The one who goes for a walk on a cold night because you need to let the words out.

The most caring friend is the one who belly laughs to your jokes as if they’re the funniest she’s heard. The one who knows what you will say and who initiates the goofiest dance parties.

The most caring friend is both a hand holder and a fist pumper.

One thing I have been praying to be is a rejoicer and a weeper. One who can hold a hand in tears of sorrow and then let go because things are too funny to go on. Not actually in one moment, but to be able to simply and seamlessly flow with my friends in whatever emotion they are walking through.

Noticers do both of those things.

Or at least that’s the type of noticer I’d like to be.

I’d like to notice the moment when a friend needs me to act like a goof to lighten the mood, when a friend needs me to initiate the tears so that she can join in. I want to notice when somebody is off of their normal, whether that means they are joyful or sorrow filled.

I want to notice, to pay attention, and to join in.

Noticers join in with the emotions of others.

Not pretending, but actually joining. Actually letting others make an impact on their day and life.

Noticers know when to tightly grip a hand and when to fist pump.

Are you a noticer? I hope so.

In what ways do you find joining in easy or hard? Is it easier for you to join in with sorrow or with joy? How can we join with others in healthy ways? I'd love to hear your thoughts so comment below.