Golden Opportunities


If we had hung out with Jesus, we likely would have thought He made some poor choices.
He didn't heal everybody. He didn't meet one-on-one with everybody. He didn't fill all of the ministry needs in his local church. He didn't make a meal for every new mom, or sing on the worship team, or volunteer to do kids ministry for weeks on end without a week off. And probably (read: for sure!) all of those needs existed in plenty.

Golden opportunities aren't always from God.

Jesus knew what opportunities to pass on because of his constant communication and communion with God in Heaven.

He stayed in some cities and left other ones. He sat by wells and walked out of temples. He knew which moments were ministry moments, when to linger, when to meander right on away.

Be empowered by the Holy Spirit - which you have IN you if you are a Christian - to say NO to beautiful, golden, and shiny opportunities that are not in fact the ones God has placed before you.

Be empowered to listen to the Holy Spirit and confidently say YES to the things God is calling you to do.

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