Fill the Space

Fun fact: God didn’t create people meant to “not take up too much space”. You’re allowed to take up space.

If anything, God created us to FILL the space. Before humanity there was something lacking.You’re not an accident. Your existence is a gift.

Don’t let a world of hatred tell you that you’re taking up too much space. You aren’t.
Jesus loves you so much he died to make space in heaven. He DIDN’T want heaven without humanity.

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Space belongs to God. All things belong to God. So if you are loving God the most and loving others more than you love when yourself, if you’re saturating yourself in the Word of God, prayerfully living day by day, then you can assume that you’re actually taking up a right amount of space.

Lately I glance in the mirror and tell myself that I am the girl for the job. (Thanks to Jess Connolly for teaching me to say that in her book Dance Stand Run) I force myself not to feel the overwhelming feeling that I know all too well, the feeling that reminds me that I am failing at nearly every endeavour in my life. And I believe for a moment that the spaces I am taking up are in fact hand crafted by God for me to walk in.

You’re the right one for the things you’re in. You have a God who loves you so much He made space in heaven for you. You are beloved and seen and known and you are taking up the right amount of space.

This isn’t about being called a glorious snowflake. This is about the image bearers of Christ walking forward in grace and truth, in holiness and hope.

I want to look everyone in the face and remind them that God did not make an error. We are all the actual workmanship of the One True God. We get to walk forward in the work He prepared for us.

God made you on purpose. Are you willing to believe that?