Expect Wonderful

Expect wonderful nadinewouldsay


Noticers are the ones who smile at you on the bus. They’re the ones who push your kids on the swing because your arms are full with the baby.

Noticers invite you for dinner and show up with your favourite flower because you mentioned it in passing.

Noticers are quick to apologize when they forget the little details because they know that those little details are important.

Noticers walk around expecting to see something wonderful.

Whether that wonderful will happen when they talk to the florist about her favourite flower of the season and that florist talks for much longer than they expected all about that particular flower.

Wonderful things could happen just by looking at a piece art and recognizing the hours that someone put in to make that moment happen.

Noticers take walks down side streets just in case something beautiful is waiting to be discovered.

Truly, one of my favourite things is to take walks just looking for beauty.

Noticers have sparks in their eyes and skips in their walk.

Noticers live in the tension of being long winded and listening to others well. Or at least this noticer does.

Noticers aren’t afraid of quiet, aren’t afraid of loud, and are lovers of the stories they get to hear.

Are you a noticer? I hope so! If you are, comment below telling me what being a noticer means to you. I'd sure like to know.