It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was visiting my friends and family in British Columbia. I was about half-way through my trip and soon would be back in Montreal.

On my way back from lunch, I took the long way home, pulling over twice to stop and be enamoured by the mountains, river, and sky.

I picked up my mom to run errands and we stopped two more times.

I really do feel like God painted the scenery just for the renewal of my own faith that day.

There's a line in a Kari Jobe song I was listening to while driving that day that sings about God loving our presence.

I'd never thought about that, so asked God if I could sing it freely, and realized that since He died because of love, He does therefore long to be with us. (Crazy eh??) Love makes us long for the ones we love. God loves us. God loves to be with us. Jesus made a way for love to be possible. Glory hallelujah!

That same Tuesday, but in the morning, I had glanced in the mirror and told God, "it's fun to not hate myself anymore", knowing full well that this (still relatively new) perspective is His redemptive work in my heart.

When's the last time you asked God to visually inspire you toward worship? When's the last time you asked God to rewrite your self-hatred for self-love? When's the last time you let His love punch you in the gut and knock you over? Might I dare you to ask God to heal the most broken part of you?

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