Do Your Hard Things

Be brave! Do the hard things.

Not her hard things. Not his. Not mine. Yours! Looking at my list of bravery won't help you with yours. It'll probably make you smug cause my list is small. See what I did there? Self-deprivation. Gross. Let's please stop doing that.

Jesus told Peter "what is it to you?" when he asked a comparison question about his death versus John's death. That's what the Lord says to me when I ask Him about anybody else's portion but mine.

My list is mine. Yours is yours. Your calling is from the Lord and nobody has it but you!

Do the hard things today that God has told you to do.

Cling to truth. Don't rely on yourself. Rely on the Lord. Compare with no one. Admit your neediness for Christ, your desperate inability to do this life on your own. Lean into the community of believers around you and find the ones who hold similar calls to you so you can lament and rejoice together. And find the the ones who have dramatically different calls so that you can lament and rejoice together!