may goals

Each month Hayley of the tiny twig hosts a link-up for goals. I haven’t made it each month, but it’s been fun when I have.

May Goals:

1. Run. I started running again on Tuesday. It was glorious, so much so that I wrote about it Wednesday. In May I want to run more. At least twice per week but optimally more!

2. Educate. I start school on Monday. I have a full semester and want to do really well. I've never not worked while being in school before but this time I'm choosing to call education my full time work. In May I want to learn well and earn good marks! 

3. Write. I've eluded to starting to write about the things I avoid writing about. I'm my quite sure how much time I will have to blog given my school schedule, but I'd like to figure out a good posting schedule for the summer. Right now I'm thinking I'll aim for twice a week, one random and one Psalm. 

4. Laugh. Can’t measure this one at all, so I’ll have to make sure it happens often.

Quick little look at how April went:

1. Be ready for school. I’m not! But this weekend I'll go get some supplies). 

2. Be obedient. I'm still trying to listen and walk in the ways He’d like me to go. 

3. Better rest. Still working on learning this one. Maybe some day right?

4. Grace grace grace? I'm still walking in it and have no intention of stopping.