#shesharestruth Psalm 38

There are a few areas of the internet that I am constantly in cheering mode for. Aka, ministries and things going on that are awesome and that I love!

One such ministry is #SheReadsTruth, an incredible daily devotional. I had a chance to meet the writers at the Influence Conference back in the fall, and was truly honoured to write during the women of the Bible series for Rachel, Dorcas, and the Woman with the disabling spirit. 

During the current lent plan (a plan that is really good. Like, dang, it’s good and beautiful and convicting and comforting and IS the Gospel), there is a weekly link-up on Friday where we, the reader, get to pop in and share what we learned.

This week, the focus is on Psalm 38. Since I’m in a (forever and a year) long series walking through each Psalm, I looked back at what I had written for Psalm 38 last year and decided to share an edited version of that post. Aight, preface done.

she reads truth

There are two best parts of the Gospel, in my opinion.
The first best part is that all have fallen short of the glory of God. I kind of sigh a big relief sigh when I remember that, because there is almost a sense of community.
I'm not the only one who sins.
I'm not the only one who falls short.
I'm not the only one in absolutely desperate need of help.
The second and really very best part of the Gospel is this:
Christ died a sinner's death so that those who call upon His name never have to die that death.

He was forsaken by God so that those who call upon the name of Jesus will never be forsaken by God.

Christ experienced the fullest and most awful death possible so that followers of Him will experience the fullest and most amazing life possible. 

Our death, because of Christ if our faith is in Him, leads to eternity spent with Him.
He took our death.

And that, that is good news.

Are you linking up as well? Do! There’s little reason not to.

P.S. Those cool SRT friends of mine are creating an app. And pretty soon they're going to have a kickstarter campaign to make it happen. If you've got a heart for Gospel centered ministries, this is one to support. I'll be sure to share about the campaign (probably only on twitter though) when it happens.