march goals

march goals

I like the way Hayley spoke of writing goals that work with what you’re doing. She wrote it far more eloquently so be sure to read her words. I agree with her philosophy because sometimes when I write a list of goals, I get overwhelmed. However taking twenty minutes to think about what I want a month to look like is exciting and fun. It's all about wording for me. Goals = scary. Wants = yay! Anybody else??

February wasn’t a month of failure. Lots got done. Much was enjoyed. I didn't write about my February goals but I did speak a little about accepting grace right in the midst of failure.
Here’s 5 things I did in February.

1. Decided to go back to school. I’m still waiting to hear back if I got into the program I want so I won’t share all the details here. Something happened one day in February though. I was ready to look forward. I haven’t been looking forward or back for a few months. I’ve simply been settling in each day, doing each task, and moving on to the next. It’s been necessary and healthy and now I’m ready to look to tomorrow and make good decisions. School is a good decision for tomorrow.

2. I put up my heart headboard. I'll talk a little more about surroundings in my March goals below, but dang it, I missed my hearts. I don’t use a fan in my new room, so while I don’t hear them whispering to me all night, but they’re still beautiful and lovely. I might get a fan again simply so I can hear them whisper over me.

3. Other than the last week of the month, I worked out at least 2 times each week. Believe me when I say that’s an accomplishment

4. Back in November, I wrote about passion. I've been seeking it out since then. I'm learning to say no to many many things in order to say yes to the right things. In February I said yes to a lot of good conversations with friends, community, adventures, and worship team opportunities. I'm learning that it is okay to pursue the life giving things. 
5. I finished Chasing God by Angie Smith. I've got a lot of thoughts on the book and will probably write a review in the coming weeks. I shared quite a bit as I read over on instagram, specifically here, here, here, here and here. P.S. As I went over to my instagram and read the parts of the book I had shared, I was reminded again how much I loved the book!

Now, here are 3 things I’m wanting to do in March.
1. Finish filling up my walls. Much has happened in the last week on my walls which is good momentum for me to keep going and make good decisions about walls. I function best when the space around me is beautiful and inspiring. I also really really really believe that the words we see impact us, even if we don’t read them all the time. So I like to put good and truthful words on my walls. My favourite prints as of late are this one, this one and this one as well.

1b. Share some pictures of my home here on my blog. This is a secondary part of the first goal because it’s not a top priority. But I think it’d be cool to do because I always love seeing other people share their spaces. Maybe it’s time I share mine. The lighting in my home is awful which is crummy for photo taking but I shall attempt to do my best.

2. Keep making healthy choices. January was an easy month to exercise and eat healthy in. February was harder. I still exercised most weeks but eating healthy was hard. I want to keep creating good patters and systems that will help me succeed this month. I realized in January that I actually feel better (emotionally, physically, and surprisingly spiritually as well) when I'm making healthier choices.

3. Invite people over for dinner. I’m hesitant to put a number on this because that will either stretch me or make me feel content once I’ve hit it and stop inviting. For years I’ve wanted to have a weekly or monthly night when I have a lot of people over. I’ve never done it because I’ve been waiting for the right time. Which truly, is silly. It’s never the right time for company and it’s always the right time. Community is a calling on every life because the call for each Christian is to go and make disciples. Jesus spent a lot of time eating meals with his disciples so I want to invite people over and provide space for conversation and full tummies. For my birthday party I had a bunch of friends over for dinner. I loved the time it took to clean my home, make lasagne, and then simply sit back and watch community happened. I want a lot more of that this month.

Now what about you? Hayley hosts a monthly linkup for goals so if you've written a post you should share. Otherwise (and also if you link up there), let me know in the comments what some of you goals are. What's right for your month that will be both life giving and also stretching?