Let's talk about: Binti Designs

If you’re anything like me, you tend to assume that spring starts about January 2nd. 

Every single year, I’m surprised when it’s still winter come late January, come February, come MARCH?? WHY?? (#realtalk) It snowed two weeks ago. That’s insane. Though it has been super beautiful this week.

Anyway, one of the best parts of winter (and fall and even on a crisp day during spring) is the accessories. I love wearing boots and scarves, toques (beanies) and gloves. 

In the fall, I heard from Ashleigh over at Binti Designs that she was looking for some people to help share about her company. I emailed her quickly, let her pick a scarf for me, and have worn it often

binti scarves

Ashleigh launched the Binti Designswebsite the very first day of the Influence Conference. She told me that she has felt like the Influence Network has played a big role in her success.

Binti Designs is doing a good work. Not only are the scarves themselves beautiful and high quality, the purpose behind the scarves is also excellent.

Here’s what Ashleigh told me:

I knew the Lord wanted me to do something with my creative desires and I desperately wanted to do something that would help women overseas. In addition to that, I have always had a heart for giving women in the States purpose and a way to serve the Lord. I began praying about the time, the product, the name, and the mission He wanted me to focus on. I started making scarves and got tons of comments on them so I thought I would give it a shot.

I really want Binti to be an inspiration to women that they can do something good with the gifts the Lord has given them, whatever they may be. I also want to lead women into serving others. Right now I am giving 15% to micro-financing loans but I have so many dreams for the future.

Be sure to pop over to her site to order a scarf! 

The scarf that I have is sold-out but my personal current favourite is Berry Berry.

Use code “Nadine” during the month of March to get 20% off your next order