5 songs I enjoy

music recommendations

Music always seems to fuel me. It pumps me up. It calms me down. It makes my day more fun. It causes me to think.

I enjoy music so much and thought it would be fun to quickly share some songs I've been enjoying lately. Here are 5 (well 6, but by 5 artists) songs I'm loving.

When I go for a run, I'm always ready to run a bit faster when Nothing but the Blood by Citizens comes on. I still feel that I'm in the baby phase of running (as in I'm still learning the how to and I'm not very good yet) but my goodness, it feels good to run.

When the baby I nanny doesn't nap and we need to have a dance party, I'm quick to turn to Pharrell and sing the modern version of if you're Happy and you know it, clap your hands! Who am I kidding, I listen to this even if the baby does nap!

I like this song when it comes on during my run because it makes me feel like I can do anything. It also actually inspired me to buy a lipstick that was more peach in nature. It took me a few listens to dig this song, but dang, now I love International Smile by Katy Perry.

The lyrics for this song live on my chalkboard in my living room. I instagrammed the photos and then realized I had made a spelling error. Ugh. Each time I listen to Only Hope I've Got by Ellie Holcomb, I pray that the words will remain true for my heart.

I get really excited when my friends do cool things. A friend of mine, Ben Lam, recently released a FREE!!!!! EP called Transition. He plays on the worship team at church and he is one talented musician. The album is an electronic album and features a couple of my friends on two of the songs. Hearts Colliding features my friend Tiffany Haines and is a great song. Taste the Sun feels like a vacation. I love it.

What music are you loving lately?