Worship is

I hit a moment of exhaustion on Friday. I was literally face down on the floor attempting to avoid tears while the baby played around me. 

You know those weeks that are so full, of good things, not even bad things, that you forget that your body really does need rest to survive? Oh, you don’t forget that you need rest? Well, lucky you.
Last week was one of those weeks. I was out every night and most nights I was out past midnight. Smart right?

So Friday. I was done. I woke up in the morning already feeling done. I was exhausted and tired and finished and all I wanted to do was stay in my bed forever. So I went to work, and had a great morning with the baby. We had fun playing and went for a nice long walk, and it was lovely. But then she didn’t nap, and anybody who has ever hung out with a baby knows that naps are necessary for babies (and their nannies and/or mamas).

So we started playing but I found myself face down on the ground, just trying to not cry. Trying to grasp some sort of joy deep in my heart that could sustain me for the next few hours.

I grabbed the keys, locked the door, and took the baby for a walk to the front lobby. I put on worship music, sat on the floor, started to sing, and she ran around the room.

We stayed there for over half an hour, just worshiping the Lord in our own ways. 

It was so life giving and refreshing, to take my weary soul to the Lord and find rest. To give the baby a room larger than her living room to run around.

Anytime anyone walked in, she would race towards me and sit in my arms until they were gone. Or she’s smile coyly at the many dogs that live in her building.

Worship is so sweet to me, because it’s isn’t simply singing. It isn’t simply any definition. It’s many definitions.

On Saturday, the worship team had a meeting at church. We ate waffles and then defined worship. It was interesting to hear all the various definitions, because all were correct.

Worship is music. Worship is intentionality. Worship is everything that we do, and not always to the Lord. Worship is insert more definitions.

In that moment, sitting on the floor, smiling at the baby, hugging her whenever she’d come close, worship was inviting the Lord into my weary soul. Worship was entering His rest.

Worship is inviting the Lord into our weariness and entering His rest.

What does worship mean to you?