truth and wisdom

truth and wisdom

I’m six weeks into a little bit of a healthier lifestyle. I say little bit because I still love wine, oreos, and cheese. Nothing will change that.

But I go for walks nearly daily, runs a few times a week, and try to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch during the week.

It’s satisfying to notice the physical changes in my body, and I’m excited to continue on this healthier lifestyle.

The other morning, as I was thinking about it, smiling that I’m one belt loop tighter than I was a couple of weeks ago, I had this moment of desire for a different beauty.

A few Sunday’s ago, after church, a friend commented about a part of the sermon that confused her. It hadn’t confused me, so I clarified it.

That’s the type of beauty I desire.

To know truth and speak it, to seek it, to want it, to gain it, to love it.

Truth and wisdom are far more beautiful than anything else I might seek.

I want to refresh the way I look at beauty. While I love my red lipstick more than the next girl, I could wear a lot of blush every day, and I feel like a woman when I use my purple shampoo, nothing compares to the beauty of Christ in a life.