to finish what he started

god is faithful

The baby had a diaper rash, which is code for "I felt like I was torturing her when I went to change her diaper". 

A few times during the day, I carried her to the bathroom, stripped her, and placed her in the tub. All for her good. 

I turned the water on, kept my gaze on her, waited for the water to warm up. She already started to cry. This was all for her good. 

I placed water in a cup and poured it over her bottom, cleansing her wounds. All for her good. 

I had one arm wrapped around her, my face at when face, whispering calming words as she sobbed. I knew this was for her good. 

It took time to clean her well, to ensure that her wounds didn't stay dirty. It took time to finish up, and I held her as she sobbed. She didn't know it was for her good. But I did. 

As I went off for my weekend, and remembered her painful tears, I remembered that God does things I don't understand

I only put her through pain, and I knew it was painful, because I love her. I wanted her to heal, to get better, to no longer be in pain. 

I had to hurt her for her healing. Because I care for her. It was all for her good.

Scripture tells that we can cast our cares upon The Lord because He cares for us. 

A few weeks ago, I felt like God had me in the tub. Wiping my bottom, figuratively of course. Pushing on hurts and digging into my crevices. 

It didn't feel good. And I sure hope it's done. 

But I also am more whole now than I was. More healed, less wounded.

God is faithful to finish what He started. 

And I know that the things He does is only for my good.