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If ever I pop on to Pinterest and see any fancy red number on the side, I get excited. Pinterest isn’t somewhere I invest a significant amount of time, and other than looking up new pictures of the same haircut, I'm not there often.
I thought it would be fun today to share 5 of my most pinned images. I’m not sure if it’s the images themselves that are the most pinable parts or if it’s the words I shared, but regardless, here they are!

One last funny preface. I find it genuinely funny that two of these posts are on singleness. Oh Lord, please let me NOT be an authority voice on singleness. I say that jokingly, but I’m also serious. I’d really like to be an authoritative voice on being in a relationship. PLEASE LORD.

I digress.

5 of the TOP pinned posts from my blog:

best of pinterest

This first one doesn’t have any of my own words added so I blame its popularity solely on the words I quoted. It’s a tough quote to digest, and it’s sparked quite a few conversations.

best of pinterest
In this post I shared about the ways I work to honour my future husband. Through prayer, intention, modesty, and simply forgetting about him. This post is probably the most read post on my blog in general.

best of pinterest

I remember the night this next post describes. I remember feeling so intimate with the Lord. Intimacy is something that in my mind is a marriage thing. It’s something I look forward to in marriage. Experiencing intimacy with the Lord was such a beautiful experience. He was so close to me as I wept over feeling so very alone. His faithfulness is beautiful.

best of pinterest
Psalm 8 was one of the first Psalms (no duh) that I shared in the Psalm series. This image is one of my personal favourites so I’m so glad it’s been appreciated elsewhere.

best of pinterest

Oh man. I miss this wall. I miss so many things of my old apartment. My new space is coming along and once all the walls are covered I’ll share a walk through. But this wall from my old apartment was so fun to create, and writing a little bit of a DIY post was fun too!

So that's that! The top 5 pinned posts from my blog!