You know when you’re sitting in a moment, and you wish you had a camera, to capture it all?

That was Sunday evening.

I was at a friend’s place for dinner. Dinner was done, her husband was giving their older son a bath, my roommate Alex was at my side, and my dear friend Abbey was sitting with her baby son in her lap.

It was precious and beautiful and I just wish I could have captured her. She was the essence of beauty.

She had already let me talk for a long time. Alex had already heard all I was sharing, yet both sat patiently as I talked for ages.

Eventually I was done, and she began to speak.

She spoke for a long time and I could have sat there forever simply listening to her speak.

She shared her thoughts, her wisdom, her story, her perspective. She was honest and bold, strong and kind. 

She epitomized to me what a woman of God sounds like.

If I had had a camera, I would have taken pictures. 

Pictures to capture her beauty, her long dress, her baby in her arms, her love for him displayed in her kind grasp. I would have captured the stillness of the room all around her, in a home that had been fluttering with dinosaur screams (toddlers are noisy) and cake a mere hour prior.