a verse for 2014

This post seems grumpy to me. I'm hesitant to publish it because I don't like grumpiness. But I hope you can look beyond the potential grumpiness and grasp onto the hope that I have in Christ alone.

Mid (or late) January might be a bit too late to the party to add to the verse of the year, word of the year, goal of the year, all of the things for the new year club.

I’m not typically in this club.

Typically, if something is super popular, I’m awkward and avoid it. Hipster much?

Unless it’s something that I think is cool. Then I’m all over it. HIPSTER MUCH?!??

Like word to the year.
Or verse of the year.
Or phrase.
Or mantra.
Or whatever.

Those, for me, fall into the super popular and I avoid category.

So I determined, mid December, to avoid the cliche of the new year.

To avoid talking about the past year, and the new year, and to stick with just writing in general.

I’ve already failed at that a few times. I’ve talked about what I learned in 2013, specifically in December, and I’ve written oddly reflective posts. Hm . . .

I read two specific verses in Hebrews 12 mid 2013. I really liked them. A lot.

And I forgot about them.

Until I read them again and listened to a sermon on them a couple weeks ago.

The sermon really didn’t focus on these verses, but I felt like God made my ears attentive as I read over them again.

Hebrews 12:12-13 says:

     Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed.

Let me give a quick recap of 2013.

2013 brought down my arms. It buckled my knees. It questioned my paths and hurt my feet. It put everything, and I mean everything, out of joint.

This might sound dramatic but the only sure thing of 2013 was the God who held me through it. Everything else felt uncertain. There are days from 2013 that I don't let myself think about because thinking about them is more difficult than my typing fingers can express. Failures of my own doing, failures put on me, hurts and sorrow.

I have no clue as to what 2014 will look like. I know where I will live for the year, I know where I work currently, and I know where I serve in ministry, but outside of that, there aren’t a lot of clues for what this year shall be. 

Will I meet an utter hottie and date him? Optimally yes! (insert winky emoticon) A girl can hope. Will I determine what it is I want to do with my life? Maybe! That'd be cool for sure.

 I do, however know this:

By the aide of Christ, and only His aide, I’m going to lift up my hands, no matter how drooped they may be.

They’re tired. They’ve been pushed around and held down but I’m raising them in praise to God.

My knees? They’re down. Physically my left knee hurts almost all of the time lately. Super fun. But I’m going to strengthen them. Physically I’m working to strengthen my knees, and spiritually I’m going to bend them more than ever before to kneel before my God and submit to His will.

My paths? I don’t know what they’ll look like, but I do trust my guide. My guide is the Holy Spirit and with Him in front of me, I cannot fail or fall.

All the lame parts? The hurt, broken, and sad parts? They don’t get to be put out of joint. They don’t get to remain hurt.

Christ will heal my heart. He will heal the physical ailments, and the spiritual ones. He’ll fix the emotional scars and He’ll gain glory while doing it.

2013 largely was not my favourite. There were good moments, and I'm thankful for the many good things, but when I think back to what sticks out from the year, it definitely wasn’t a good one.

2014. It still might suck. But I will still praise Him.

With Christ as my aide, my arms are going to be raised, my knees shall be strengthened, my paths shall straights, and all of my hurts will find healing.

a verse for 2014

What about you? Do you have a verse for the year? I've even got a word, yet another thing I tend to avoid. I'll share it soon.