peace like a scarf

I was overnight nannying recently and the six year old was having trouble falling asleep. She'd meandered downstairs multiple times, each time telling me the dreaded words: I can't sleep

Each time, I had walked with her back to her room and stood by her bed as she settled back down.

At one point, I suggested that she pray for peace. 
Peace to calm her heart. 
Peace to sleep. 
Peace from Jesus.

I suggested that she pray that God put peace on her.

I asked her if she knew what the word peace means. 

Well, it's kinda like quiet. And something else I can't remember. 

I smiled at her as I always do, and added to her description. 

Peace is calm. Peace is comfort. 

It's like when you're feeling cold. 
You put in your coat and gloves. 
Your toque and scarf. 
Suddenly you feel better.
Cozy and warm. 

The cold still exists but it doesn't bother you quite as much because you're all bundled up.

Peace is like that. 

It's warms you up and makes you feel better. 

So you have to ask God to put peace on you like a nice warm scarf. 

I think she still came down about a million times before falling asleep, but my heart felt comforted by the God who offers me peace like a scarf.

I'm always grateful when God gives me an analogy to explain Himself to others. 
And truly, to describe Himself to my own heart as well.

What's something you learned recently?