life lately: a photo dump

I just synced my photos from my phone to my computer for the first time since um, well, September. Dang. I synced it right after Influence but haven't since. whoops??

Lots of these photos are from instagram. Do we follow each other? I'm @nadinewouldsay

Anyway. Here are some glimpses into the past few months.

Time with family.

Making this collage showed me that I need to hang out with my Dad more (or at least take pictures when I'm with him).

Time with friends.

Making this collage PROVED how excellent I am at taking pictures on my own phone.

Time with coffee and mugs and journals and Bibles and one little selfie in there for fun.

Making this one was just for fun. I had someone suggest recently that I should print off all my mug instagrams. After seeing how many I have (these aren't all of them - eek), I might do that.

Time spent outside.

The cold weather of December has slowed down walks a little bit but I have truly enjoyed this season filled with being outside. No matter the day I fit in at least a ten minute walk, and if it's a good day, it's at least an hour. I love it.

That's life these days.

Lots of family, friends, coffee, walks, reading, writing, laughing.

Whatcha up to?? Tell me about it.