lies I believe

daughter of god

I sat across from my best friend at the bar, words floated back and forth between us.

It's long enough ago that I don't remember the wording or the timing, but I admitted to her that I didn't see any beauty in myself. 

She quickly disputed, as any good friend would, but I equated her words to the obligation of friend. 

We finished our drinks and made our way down the street. 

A drunk man stopped in front of me, he looked at me, and he said "You are so beautiful". His words slurred and he walked away, and my best friend gave me a knowing look. In fact if I remember right, she said something along the lines of "see".

I still laugh about the drunk angel who told me I was pretty

That conversation and interaction sparked something in my heart. It sparked a realization that if I believed that God was beauty in itself and that I mirrored Him, that at least by association, I needed to be at least some small part not completely ugly. 

That conversation was two years ago and it's one that God runs through my brain on a semi-consistent basis. 

I believe a lot of lies, some of the loudest being that I have no worth, that no one cares about me, and that the way I have been created is wrong. 

Those are lies. 

I have worth because I am a daughter of God.

Nobody cares? That's not true. Not only do people in my life care, but Jesus cares. 

He sits in heaven advocating for me.
He gave His life for me.
He left me with the Holy Spirit. 

Nobody cares? Lie.

The way God created me is good. 

The lies I listen to are not true. Because of Jesus, I don't have to believe them. I get to believe in Him.

What are your lies? Can you call them out? And if you can call them out (which I think is a great first step), how do you dispute them? 

I talked about having a belt of truth last week. I know one of my friends asked God to give her a word after she read that post which so encouraged me. Let me know if God gives you some truth to hold onto.