hold open the door

I walked from my car to the building, quickly. 

It was cold. Raining. Gosh I hate the rain.

I got to the door, opened it, and held it open because I heard someone coming behind me. 

The lady smiled at me and said thank you

Her thank you was not quick. She slowed her pace, looked me in the eye, whispered her thanks.

Her response made it seem that I had somehow made her day with that very small and insignificant moment of kindness. 

Her reaction stuck with me, and reminded me that it is important to hold open a door. 

So hold open the door. 
Smile at the stranger. 
Give them the quarter they need for a buggy. 
Offer them your points card so they save a few bucks. 

Do it. 
Do the things that cause you to delay your day. 
Offer moments of peace to strangers you meet.

Do it.
Every time.


Because pretty much anybody could use a little glimmer of sunshine on an otherwise cold and rainy evening.

Offer hope.