Between going to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference and Mexico for a family vacation, I went on 8 fights in a short amount of time. I love flying. Here are some thoughts I jotted down on one of those flights.

why I love to fly on airplanes

There is a sweet and strange camaraderie that occurs on an airplane.

Magical moments as strangers share a knowing glance at the man with the obviously too large carry-on. 

Thoughts are shared immediately on flight take-off quality, because passengers know everything about airplanes.

Flight attendant whisper jokes to the passengers who hang out at the back of the plane instead of in their seats.

Bonded by hours spent squished together, where mere hours ago strangers boarded, now strangers are traveling accomplices.

It's similar to a family reunion. When you have to spend hours with people you don't truly know, you need to create allies to get through the day.

When the plane lands, the magic disappears.

Transfers to catch, bags to claim, vacations to being, homes to get to - the camaraderie proves to not be strong.

Accomplices resort to pushing one another in hopes of getting off the plane first.

Allies deny ever having met.

Knowing glances turn to glares.

Welcome to your destination.