Setting Goals: November edition

When it comes to change, I so often set a huge goal and then when I fail quickly, I quit quickly.

Hayley encouraged her readers to link up to share their November goals. Then I read Anne's goal update, as I do whenever she shares them, and I felt like maybe it was time.

Like I mentioned, I'm a big goals person - but not a good goal setting person.

As my sister wisely said to me on Sunday, in regards to an entirely different issue but that also fits here, "You're quick to escape".

An escape mentality is one that has been mine for much of my life, and it is one that has grown larger and wider, higher and deeper over time. My tendency to escape has stopped me from accomplishing numerous things.

It's stopped me from setting goals. It's stopped me from accomplishing goals.

When smart people talk about goals, I always hear the words actionable, measurable, and other fancy ones like that. So I'll try my best to keep them at that.

1. Keep eating breakfast and lunch every week day.

This one should be the easiest. The family I nanny for provides food for me. It's amazing what having to sit to eat with an infant does for your own eating. As I prep her food, I prep food for me. As I hand her her food, I eat my own. I know this sounds silly and obvious, but it's been a huge shift for me. I'm not a breakfast person, and I'm a buying lunch fiend. It's unhealthy and not very smart. I had mostly fixed the problem back when I was working full time, but being unemployed for two months wrecked my good habits.

I'm on week three right now of eating breakfast and lunch every week day. I still don't always eat dinner, weekends are just fair game.

I've noticed change already. The change is small and it'll take time to see significant change, but it's happening. Little by little.

2. Pick one picture for social media.

At influence, I was super thankful to have my friend Megan take pictures for me. She listened to my ideas and we had a blast. I'll share more of the photos over time, but this one is probably my fave. I feel like it captures me pretty well.

This one doesn't feel right for all social media since it's not a head shot. I'm pretty sure I'm close to picking my favourite (which is hard to do when your friend takes a bunch of great pictures), and I'd like to have it up online in every social media area by the end of the month.

Now is when I sheepishly admit that I am only setting two goals. But Anne told me that two sounded good. So . . .

Two it is.

What are your goals for November? Have you linked up yet?