pie for dinner.

Mid day I got the text suggesting pie. 

It made perfect sense. Why wouldn't we go for pie?

I drove to where Tami was after work and then we went to get pie. 

As we walked up to the pie shoppe, I got nervous because the doors were closing but the girl working smiled and let us in. She was funny. She told us what she had to offer (and quickly unoffered the gluten free pie - maybe somebody else needed it), we choose our pie and went on our way. 

Since my current space is a bit cramped for much company, we went to hers. 

I was hoping we'd end up there. Her space is so beautiful. It's always beautiful. 

We made tea, ate pie, watched a movie, chatted, played with her dogs, and I was home before 9. 

It was delightful. 

I love friends where it's easy peasy. Where the conversation can get deep if it needs to and stay light if it wants to go that way instead. No pretense friendships.

The friends who know that two pies is better than one because that way you can share and try more variety. Not every friend is a sharing friend, which is fine. I just like the sharing friends more. 

Friends who grab you slippers and cover you in blankets. The ones who let their dogs slobber on your face and say things like "You're an auntie everywhere you go. To all the kids. Now to all the dogs". 

Friends who would let you stay forever if you needed to stay but who would tell you to leave if they needed you to leave. 

I like those type of friends. 

Tami is one of those.