An ode to suite 103.

October. Oh October. She made me say goodbye to an apartment that truly was a home.

In November of 2010, I moved into that beautiful space with a dear friend. A few roommates later, it was time to say goodbye.

Moving out of that apartment was a hard decision. That space was where I felt safe. It was home. It was comfort. It was beautiful.

Many tears met that living room floor, not simply because of the move, but over the years I spent living there. Laughter was often heard echoing its hallways. Tasty smells filled the whole place. Friends were welcome, words were always, and a fresh cup of coffee could be brewed in just a couple minutes.

I have distinct memories of people dancing around, of the one time we got a noise complaint, of the loud people downstairs who should have gotten more noise complaints, of the sincere peace that seems to just permeate the walls.

It was the perfect space for a good conversation.

Suite 103 was where I started to find myself. I realized how much I appreciate beauty, how I need beautiful things around me in order to be at my best. Sometimes I think I miss the wall space for its scripture and big window for its light on the couch more than anything else. I loved that home.

I've only a couple times pointed my car that way instead of my new space . I've only a couple times driven by just because. I've only a couple times woken up and been disorientated.

I sure do miss that space.

What's your home space? Where are you at your best? I'd love to hear.