hugs and fist pumps

I love a good linkup. Especially the kind where I get to meet everybody who is linking up in two weeks. SAY WHAT?!?!

So, remember when I had a fundraising giveaway? Remember that fun thing last week? Well, let's just say that people are generous. I am going to the influence conference!

Thank you dearly to those of you who gave, and to those of you whose prayers prompted those people to give.

It was incredible to open up my email time after time, click the email, and see an amount given. I was humbled, inspired, and now I'm simply grateful and happy.

The ladies planning said amazing conference are hosting a little linkup for conference attendees.

**side note** Pro Nadine tip: I don't know how to pack light

2 things I'll definitely bring with me:

1. A new and ready to be filled journal alongside a few pens. I love note taking, and apparently it really helps me remember. In my last community group at church, the leader would call on me if we needed to know exactly what the pastor said about something because chances were, I'd caught it.

2. A lota lipstick. I don't know if I'll be as brave at the conference as I am on instagram, but I am going to try to wear lipstick at every moment. Just don't take a picture of me mid meal or coffee when 47% of my lipstick has washed off. #awkward.

2 things I'm looking forward to:

1. Hugging Jessi Connolly. I'm not kidding. When I found out a few months ago that influence wasn't going to happen, my sister said "well can't you just go visit Jessi"? I texted Jessi, she said yes well I think her words were more "you don't have to ask me that, just come". Sorry J. Maybe next year I'll come join the Connolly clan.

2. Fist pumping Hayley Morgan. Also not kidding, these are my top two things. I emailed her husband this week about something, and I asked him to fist pump her. When I know Jessi will be with her, I ask her to fist pump her. So. I'm excited to fist pump her all by myself.

Random fact: my biggest fear about the conference is that I won't recognize people in real life and thus offend them. But fears are silly, so if I forget your name, forgive me, and I'll do the same for you. Yay.

I am so excited to learn strategy for my blog that will point me to Christ, which will cause me to write better content, which will cause people to read that content and be pointed to Christ. I just want everybody to know Christ.

Oh friends, I am so excited to learn and pray, laugh, cry, smile, joke, talk long and deep, and just everything with each of you.


 Will I see you at influence? If not, what are you excited about this fall? I'm excited about influence, and the fact that two weeks after, I'm off to Mexico with my family. Yay for that!