What does your morning look like?

Developing a morning routine

The morning. Oh the morning. Oh that time, that shows up every single day, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but always, oh it always shows up.

I’ve never been much of a morning person, but I also am not not a morning person. I tend to think of myself as just a person. 

I’m myself, hopefully the same, no matter what time you see me. I need a minute or two in the morning to just wake up, but as soon as I’m up, I’m fine.

I haven’t always been a lover of disciplined reading. I’ve always loved the scriptures, but have rarely been consistent in my reading. It’s been the past year that I’ve buckled down to read it every day. It’s a rare day where I’m not in the word in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. I've recently started a year long Bible reading plan, which is my go to plan whenever I have time to fill.

I'm sharing my morning routine over on Becoming Bryn today. Leia is sharing, every Wednesday, a morning routine of a blogger she is inspired by. It's a pretty fun series to be a part of. Last week she shared her routine. It was inspiring to me.

I don't think that my routine is particularly inspiring itself, but it is the one that I have.

I've been working to refresh my mornings. I'm getting there. I'm not where I want to be (which is up earlier with some more Bible STUDY in the morning instead of a simple Bible READ), but I'm also okay with the fact that some changes take time. And some seasons can only handle a certain amount of change.

What does your morning look like?