treasured moments: hands

Something that I want to do is to write down treasured moments. Here is one from a couple years ago.

I remember that second like it was yesterday.

We'd just arrived where we were now planning to spend the afternoon. He was quick to meet me at the back of the car as I hopped out.

We started walking, as if we knew what we were doing.

And suddenly he grabbed my hand.

"I think we should hold hands. Is that okay?"

I don't think I answered in words, but just held on tightly.

We walked through the stores, not really looking at much, simply chatting. The relationship was still in baby form, so we barely knew anything.

An hour or so passes, and somehow we both, almost in the same sentence, made mention that our hands felt sweaty.

We pondered how couples held hands so much, I switched sides, and our opposite hands grasped.

Over the next while, we'd "test out" other ways to hold hands. My hand in front, his linked with the fingers this way than that. It became a joke how we held hands, how we had the right way, and how we'd switch sides when things got sweaty.

It was young love, not even love at all, but it was fun while it lasted.