I am like dust

For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:14

I keep reflecting on this verse, how God treats us with great care because He knows how very weak we are. 

The verse prior speaks of a father caring for his children. 

And it makes me think of the sweet girl I babysat Saturday night, how I rubbed her back and held her close as she cried after waking up in the night. 

How often does God do the same to me? 

More so, is there ever a moment when He is not holding me near, and helping me when I am not able?

Oh how my heart yearns for the day when I will see my good Father face to face. 

My church is going through a summer series walking through various psalms. I've mentioned it before, but seriously - it is one of the best sermon series I have heard. We've been walking through Romans previous to this, and while Romans is beautiful and necessary to study, it is also heavy stuff. 

It is amazing to sense freedom each week as we read these Psalms. It makes my Psalm series more exciting to me.

I shared on Instagram that I was so moved by the sermon. 

Here are a few things that stood out for me:

Worship is self counsel. Because that is the case, we have to worship rightly, so we have to sing songs if worship that align with God's character so that we counsel ourselves correctly.

When we don't remind ourselves of all that God has done, we will fail. Always. We need to remember that he forgives, heals, is merciful and has steadfast love. We cannot forget these things. 

They are necessary truths that we need to be reminded of.

We are dust, so frail and small. I am dust. I am frail. I am small. God is steady, constant, forever, strong, huge, good, big, wonderful, I could keep going.

I shared Friday about feeling small and this sermon reminded me why I am small. It's because God is god and I am not. That may sounds odd hut seriously He is God and that is such a good thing. 

The main reason that we worship God is because He is God and we are not. He is distinctively holy.

I am weak and He is strong. He loves me because of my weakness. 

This Psalm, like every other piece of scripture, speaks of Jesus. 

Every word in it points to Christ. He fulfills it. 

God's anger is not upon us because Jesus bore the anger of god. God offers us a future that is only possibly because of the work of Jesus on the cross. Wow. Amen. 

Much of what I have shared today was largely inspired by the sermon at my church, which was given by Norm Funk.