five minute friday: story

I'm linking up with five minute friday. I'm not quite sure where these words are from, or even what I was trying to say. Maybe I wasn't actually being profound. Maybe I just wrote for five minutes, and all that came out was this. If you're visiting from fmf, be sure to leave a comment. I'd love to get to know you and come read your post as well!


Once upon a time lived a girl with a mighty tall dream.

She would rule the world with a golden sceptor, fly in the clouds, and oh, she would live.

She had all sorts of ideas of the laws she would break, remake, and create.

She drew pictures and painted portraits, wrote poems and stories, all of them pointing to this mighty tall dream.

The dream of forever, the dream of for always, the dream of what was yet to come.

One day, as she was drawing, she heard a song.

It was a beautiful melody, filled with harmonies and poetry. It was loud and yet calm, soothing yet strong. She'd never heard anything like it.

For the first time in her life, she stopped all that she was doing, sat completely still, and simply listened.

She didn't add anything to the song, she didn't take anything away. She simply sat and listened.

The song played on and on, for hours on end, and she listened and listened, and listened some more.

It was a new song, a better song, the prettiest song she'd ever heard.

When it finally finished, she turned back to her drawing and added some bright colours, because her heart was filled with joy.