5 tips to refreshing the way you shop

I've been working to refresh a lot of areas in my life. I've shared ways to live a fuller life, have a second day, be more balanced, and how to refresh the everyday. I've shared new beauty routines, hello awkward selfies, and simple tips to a joy filled life.

This series, on refreshing life, (inspired by THIS ebook) really isn't about sharing how well I'm doing. If anything, it should point out how many areas in my life need a little bit of help.

Today is all about shopping. Here are 5 tips to refresh the way you shop for clothes.

1. Learn your style & compliment your shape.

It's been over the past couple years that I've started to really recognize the importance of dressing in clothes that work great for the shape I am instead of the shape I want to be. Those are two different shapes.

Dressing in clothes that are cute but don't fit well is far worse than dressing in clothes that maybe aren't quite as trendy but fit really well.

Stop tend hopping. This is hard. I know that trends are fun, but not every trend will look good on you. So stop trying to make everything work.

Figure out the trends that do work and wear them well.

2. Choose your brands & shop exclusively.

This tip one might sound odd, and possibly even snobby.

Actually, it's smart and strategic.

I know, from trial and error (aka when I forget this) can always always ALWAYS find pants that fit me at Old Navy. Which means I can find pants that fit me at Old Navy, the Gap, and Banana Republic.

Now, Old Navy isn't my favourite store, but I do find clothes that fit me really well. In fact, I have three pairs of the same pants from there in different colours because I know that when I wear them I look good (or at least I sure hope I do). And if I look good, I feel good. And if I feel good, well, life just runs a bit better.

A few weeks ago, I went shopping. I needed a couple new shirts, so I headed to a store where I knew I'd find clothing that fit my shape and my style.

And guess what, I walked out with clothes that fit my shape and my style. Bam!

3. Get a second opinion. 

Something I noticed from a young age, is that when my Mom and I went shopping, she consistently was asked to give people opinions on what they were trying on.

I love my Mom, so I value her opinion, but it wasn't until I got older that I realized why others did as well.

She was a safe person. She was somebodies Mom (mine!!), sitting outside a fitting room, and she would give an honest opinion. She was kind and gracious with her response, and many a time, I'd hear girls come out of their change room numerous times, to get her opinion again.

I could write blog post upon blog post as to why my Mom is an incredible woman. I'm truly grateful to have a Mom with as few flaws as she.

If I'm unsure about something that I'm trying on, I try to check with somebody. Whether it's the salesperson (which is risky because they might just say yes. Luckily those people are easy to spot. They're the ones that say "get everything" when you ask their opinion. avoid those people. not just with fashion, avoid those people when you need life advice), another person in the change room, or a friend via text, ask ask ask!

It always sucks when you get home, try something on again, and realize that the lighting is way off (as it usually is), or that your mirror doesn't flatter you as well (did you know that stores position their mirrors in such a way that when you're looking in it, you'll look slimmer).

4.  Don't impulse buy unless the item is versatile!

This one is a tough one because I think there is a certain aspect of impulse ingrained in the female heart. When I have a rough day, I want to seek comfort in buying something or eating something.

But really, both of those things are bad choices.

Instead, I'm trying to learn to shop with intention. To have a plan in mind, and a budget in place.

When I go into a store knowing that I need a top, I tend not to buy pants.

If I need a dress, I only look at dresses.

If I need shoes, why would I take time to look at necklaces. Have you seen my necklace collection? It's far too large for its own good.

That being said, sometimes I spot something beautiful. If I am genuinely inspired, I think it's okay to break this rule. But only if it is something that is versatile.

I impulse bought a denim vest two summers ago that remains one of my most worn items. It's my absolute favourite and I'm so glad that I bought it. I would not feel the same way if it wasn't so versatile.


This is bolded and upper cased obnoxiously because I did not realize this until a few weeks back. I went shopping right after work on a day where I'd worn an outfit I loved and makeup that still looked good at 6pm.

As I looked into the mirror as I got ready to strip down and try clothes on, I realized that I looked really pretty.

My hair was done, my makeup was good, and I was ready.

This might not seem like rocket science, and it truly is not, but on the days when I go shopping with bad hair and no makeup, I don't buy good clothes.

I tend to buy clothes that make up for my lack of makeup.

Yet when I go already feeling good about myself when I look in the mirror, I'm more likely to buy clothes that fit better, and are better priced.

Better priced you say, well yes. When I buy clothes feeling bad about myself, I forget about things like budgets and what looks good on me. I simply buy to make myself feel good.

Clothes shouldn't make me feel good. Relationships should. Love should. Sunshine should. Not clothes.

I'm no expert, and really, I feel like I'm only just starting to learn how to shop really well, but I think these tips are great. I also am just starting to really try to implement them. 

But hey, what's a refresh if you don't start.

Let me know how they work for you! Or share your tips! I'd love to hear them.