refresh: the lipstick version

Before I go all crazy and show you some awkward selfies, pop on over to Your Friend Ashlee! I'm hanging out there sharing 3 quick tips for creating some structure and routine for your blog!

Now onto those selfies!

It's amazing how fresh I can feel with the quick swipe of lipstick.

I'm no expert at makeup. I'm still working on the how to aspect, and these photos are without any sort of foundation or cover-up. I was just feeling a bit not pretty looking, so I popped over to the mirror and 30 seconds later, I felt a lot better.

With the aid of my trusty mac photobooth, I sat on my bed in opportune Vancouver sunlight.

I wore Artistry lip colour creme in AMUSE. My top is from H&M.

I'm more bold with my lipstick choices here on my blog and in a video chat with other bloggers than I am in real life. But I'm working on it.

Okay. Somebody quick, send me a link to your fave lipstick, and if you've got any makeup tutorials on your own blog, be sure to send me them! I'd love to watch them so that I can get better at using makeup.

Also, did you see last Wedneday's post? It was BLUSH day! I've recently fallen for a new colour and I ain't afraid to tell ya about it! well that was an awkward sentence.