refresh: the concept of a second day

On Wednesdays, I share practical ways that I'm seeking to refresh my life. A series largely inspired by the REFRESH book by Hayley Morgan and Jessi Connolly.

So far I've shared about the book itself, 5 practical tips to a joy filled life, how I now wear blush,
oh, and lipstick too (p.s. more to come on lipstick in the next few weeks), and 6 intentional ways to refresh your life.

the refresh book

Today I want to expand on a concept that Hayley referenced in the book: the idea of a second day.

I had a girl I worked with who was wonderful and tough. She was young, elementary school aged, had gone through a tough life, was emotional, and was desperate for attention. I don't say desperate in a way that means anything poorly against her by the way. Her life had caused her to be absolutely needing somebody to love her, to listen, to let her be a kid again.

I can't remember if I came up with this concept on my own, or if a co-worker shared the idea with me. But this sweet girl and I implemented the idea of a second day.

When she came in, and started to lose it, whether at me, a co-worker, another kid, or anybody, I'd look at her and ask if she wanted to start her second day.

Most days, she would.

She'd look at me, get a face of resolve, take a few really big deep breathes, and start over. All was forgiven, all was past - it was a new day.

More so than just a concept for kids, a second day is imperative to my own life.

To me, a second day is grace in action. It's making an active choice to accept that I'm not okay, but that I can choose to react differently. I can choose to show grace, to forgive, to quiet, to begin again.

I really appreciated this concept when I worked with kids, I appreciate it in many of my own days, and I'd love to hear how others use it in action.

So. Do you ever utilize a second day? Do you have a different term for it?