monday past

Today let's pretend that we're back one week and let me take you through my day. There are probably too many words, so if you're looking for the best part, skip to the bottom!

I started my morning off by taking two of my most favourite kiddies out for the morning. Their Mom, who is a dear friend and mentor, needed the morning to get some stuff done, so I popped them into their van and we went on a little adventure.

We put letters in the mail box. pretty fun deal since that meant taking an elevator.
We had hot chocolate. well, I had a COFFEE.
We went to the lego store and were treated super great. Seriously, the lego store here hires the best people!
We bought tea for mommy. their mommy, not mine.
We got jelly beans and a gumdrop.

It was a good morning.

I dropped them off, picked up my friend Sam, and went to meet Brett for lunch. It was the three of us (plus another guy who couldn't make it) who planned the fundraiser for Christ City Church, so we celebrated the work we'd done and enjoyed a really good conversation.

I needed to stop by Anthropologie to pick up a mug for my new roommate. She just moved in, and my roommate tradition is to buy a lettered mug. It's just the right thing to do.

I spent the next hour or so meandering in and through the stores near there. I love afternoons where I just look at pretty things. I perused a fun pop-up shop, West Elm, West Elm Market, and Anthropologie (two times. it's that fun to walk through).

Oh, and somewhere in there I grabbed an americano misto. The barista and I discussed how some places don't let you order half-caf drinks, and how those people are silly. Conversations with strangers are one of my most favourite things.

I drove across town to pick up some paint swatches. To paint you ask? Nope, to get a move on this DIY. It looks amazing. Though, just walking into a paint store, randomly choosing 7 strips of different colours, and then walking out was . . . awkward.

I popped into one coffee shop to get beans for a friend and they didn't have what I wanted, so I went to a different place and found success.

After that I popped over to a local fashion stop to try to find a gift for a friend.

See, midday, I texted a friend that I've been meaning to send a gift, and asked her this:
Okay. Quickly needed answer. What's your favourite colour? And fave pattern? And just something that comes to mind when you think of joy?
 It made for a fun afternoon, to be browsing each store with her in mind.

AND then I found a beautiful hat that I'm excited to wear, but first I have to get brave, so it might sit on my wall for a while. Akin to makeup posts, fashion is also a jump of bravery for me. Maybe soon, but not quite yet.

I headed home, heated up my lunch leftovers, ate some dinner, and just perused the internet. Other than a few random pop-ins, I'd avoided the internet for the day, which was a nice treat. It's nice to just live life sometimes.

Amber messaged me and we had a nice chat. Have you checked out her shop? It's fantastic. Her shop is helping to pay for people who were formerly enslaved. That's incredible. It's sweet to hear her heart about it, because she has a big heart for it. Be sure to check it out and buy some stuff.

After that, I putzed around for a few minutes until I received a text from my bestie Christy asking if she was home. See, she just bought a scooter on Sunday, so she wanted to show me!

Sorry for the grainy photos. They're from my blackberry. 

She drove over, I popped outside, and then oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got brave and sat on it! 

If you knew me, you'd be shocked and proud. Christy was proud when I simply sat on it, and was extra proud when I decided to give it a spin.

I don't ride a bicycle because I'm so scared of falling off and dying (because that's where my brain goes), so it took me a lot of trips down the street before I felt comfortable, and even after those many trips, I was still just barely moving at all. But I did it! It was so fun.

I'm linking up with Blair today. I love having a fun link up to join!

A couple quick things:
  1. Apparently Google Reader is officially leaving today. Utilize blog lovin' if you'd like to follow me that way!
  2. I got an iPhone! Woot Woot! Which means no more grainy blackberry photos, AND I'm now on instagram. Follow me @nadinewouldsay if you'd like to do that.
That was my Monday. How was yours? How about today? You surviving or thriving?