fast, pray, give, and don't tell anybody

I've been reflecting on the verses in Matthew 6 that speak of fasting, giving, and praying.

How we're meant to fast, give, and pray without letting on that we're doing those things.

And how when we seek worldly acknowledgement for those things, we will get it - and we will have earned a full earthly reward, which means we won't receive one in heaven.

Well, I don't about you, but I'm certain that I want reward in heaven. Though in all actuality, I'm perfectly content to simply sit at the outskirts of heaven and look in. Outside of grace, there's no way I'll make it in. Oh, but this heart knows grace.

what is grace?

As an aside, I should share that while planning a fundraiser for a couple who are planting a church, my friend mentioned that I'd be getting extra jewels in my crown in heaven for all my work. I was quick to respond that I'm hoping for flowers instead of jewels! Insert giggle.

As another aside, I'm really not good at not getting attention and praise. That's a consistent heart struggle for me. (hence why in a post about not seek accolade, I made mention that I planned a fundraiser.)

I want to fast more often, with more dedication, and do it without letting anybody know.

I want to pray always, without attracting attention to myself, simply seeking the Spirit for all I encounter.

And I want to give without fear that this month I won't have enough. If I believe in daily bread prayers and God providing good gifts, why do I fear and tightly hold my money?

It's pretty silly when I think about attempting to store up things on earth when I get to live with Jesus in heaven forever.

Okay, what about you? What have you been thinking about lately when it comes to scripture? What keeps you up at night?