the first time he said the words

I'm trying to document beautiful moments from my life. This is an attempt at sharing one.

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I was seventeen the first time a boy said I like you. He was twenty-one. It was a big deal. And up until he said those words, I was absolutely clueless as to what was happening.

We were working up at a summer camp, but hadn't met up until the last week of camp. I'd been hanging out with my campers in the field, and had decided to play a game with them. But I didn't know how to play it. I saw this guy nearby, called him over, and asked him to teach us. He did.

Over the week, we hung out a lot. I had a tough cabin that week, probably the toughest of all my five summers of counselling, so he was a good conversation when I had a minute.

As the week ended, our campers left, and as staff, we had to clean up the entire camp before we could leave. This was probably my most dreaded evening of the summer since I hate cleaning. I'd run the craft shed that summer so my job was to pack everything up and store it all away until the next summer. For some reason, he was keen to help me. I didn't mind, not just because I really enjoyed his company, but because he was helping me clean.

We finished cleaning, and everybody headed over to the main chapel area to watch the camp videos from the summer. Since he walked with me, it only made sense that we sit together. So we did.

Then the next morning, I walked from my cabin to the dining hall for breakfast. I can't remember if he was already there or if we'd walked over together somehow, but we went through the food line together. We looked for seating, but there was only one table with two seats, so we sat down. There was nobody else at this table. Over the next few minutes, various people came over, didn't sit down, but simply took the chair and sat elsewhere. It was so weird. This is so long ago that the memory is  fuzzy, but I remember one thing distinctly. My friend Justin walked in, looked at me,  and gave me the funniest look. I think it was right about then that I started cluing in that something different was happening.

As everybody started to leave, the guy told me he's love to hang out at the beach and chat. I said sure, but that I wanted to say goodbye to all my friends. I took my sweet time, as I do when I get in  conversation, and eventually, found him. Turns out he hadn't realized I was going to take so long, so we decided to just walk away from the crowds and find somewhere to chat.

We walked over, sat down, and it was quiet for a few minutes. I heard the lull of a golf cart coming by (the way of transport for many at summer camp), and I watched as the two camp directors gave us a grin, devising their own idea of what was happening.

Conversation happened, and he told me that he liked me, and wanted to get to know me. He also told me that up until earlier that morning, he hadn't realized that I was still in high school. (that is like the golden ticket to winning a teenage girl over. tell her she doesn't look like a high schooler) I was surprised, happily of course, and quickly told him that I didn't want to date him.

I barely knew him, and I was young, so I suggested that we hang out and get to know each other before dating. He was fine with that, and over the next few weeks, our relationship lived out a sweet little life.

There's one reason why I'm sharing this story of my first little relationship. I was watching the movie Safe Haven the other night, and there was a scene where the main couple danced to a song in a restaurant, through to a store nearby. It was sweet and cute, romantic and playful. The song is at the very top of this blog. You should listen to it. It's pretty!

And it reminded me of the most romantic moment in my life thus far.

One night, as boy was driving me home, Frank Sinatra came on the stereo. Boy took a right turn instead of going towards my house and parked in a parking lot. He restarted the song, and instructed me to get out of the car, and for the rest of the song, we danced in the parking lot.

It was magical and it was perfect.

The relationship, if one would really call it that, ended a few days later. And that is just fine with me.

Boys, take note: girls like me like when you do things like that.

What about you? What's the most romantic act of your life? I sure hope I get to have another one soon.