refresh: a giveaway

About five seconds after it was released (well, maybe like 2 minutes after - I was very quick!), I bought a copy of an ebook called "The Refresh Book an experimental ebook" by Jessi Connolly and Hayley Morgan.

I waited until Sunday night to read it, figuring I'd give it a quick browse and kinda leave it on my figurative ebook shelf for a day when I felt like reading it.

See I have a habit of buying books because they sounds fantastic and then putting them on my shelf. I fully intend to read them someday, but someday hasn't yet arrived.

I started it and continued on reading.

I took a break to go through all of my clothes because I got inspired to refresh my closet.

But then I came back and finished the book.

And seriously friends, I feel refreshed and am now ready to start seeking refreshment.

Which leads to three things.

The first is that I've decided to put this whole refresh thing into practice

The book is called an experiment, so I'm testing its theories on my life. Chapter by chapter, I'm going to make some changes. Some of them I've started (you should see my clothing giveaway pile), and some are yet to happen (especially the marriage chapter. No shower dates for me).

The hardest part about change is every single second of it. Am I right or AM I RIGHT???

So I'm not looking at each chapter as change. I'm finding myself looking at my life with fresh eyes, ready to spot the things that need shifting, sifting, savoring, and saving.

So I'm just going to go second by second. It's okay if things take time because I have a strong feeling that those types of changes tend to lead to long-lasting changes.

The second is that I want you to join me. 

Grab a copy of the book and let's start this! We don't have to talk about if you don't want to, but we can if you do. We can work on different things and come to different conclusions, but seriously, I'm ready for some change and I have a feeling you are too.

So if you're tired, grumpy, excited, transitioning, settled, or whatever, let's do this. Let's hit the refresh button on the areas that need it and let's do it together.

My plan is to talk about my refresh journey each Wednesday. If a few others are interested, I'm happy to host a link-up, but I'm also okay if that isn't the case. It's really not about numbers, links, or anything. It's about me needing something new in a lot of areas and you as well. And not just new as in shiny, new, and fancy. New as in refreshed.

Which leads to the third thing. A GIVEAWAY!!!!! 

I want everybody to read this ebook and find refreshment, not just in the ideas that it shares, but in Jesus it points to, because He is our living water. While I really haven't shared much about the book here, there is such good and beautiful content in it. I've got numerous blog posts started with statements that these sweet friends of mine wrote that have stirred my affections to Jesus. I'm also sharing over on Jessi's blog next week about how I find refreshment in God.

So enter below to snag a copy, and if you don't win, dig in your wallet for the $4.99 the book costs okay? Okay! And share with your friends. I've never hosted a giveaway before and I'd REALLY like everybody to enter. EVERYBODY? Kinda.

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