refresh: blush edition

Well, hello. Welcome to my blog where I am UBER talented at makeup.

Um, I mean, I'm trying to learn a bit more about wearing makeup better, and for some reason I'm also sharing that with the internet.


You know that moment, when a girl's Mom takes her to the makeup counter and teaches her the way?

I never had that moment. My Mom is the best mom I ever could have been given, and teaching me about makeup was never high on her list. I wore, overwore, underwore, and all things makeup throughout the years, and I'm just recently feeling like I'm in a better flow with makeup.

Today I'm sharing about my new blush routine.

Foundation. Powder. Blush. Mascara. basic and beautiful.

A few weeks ago, I went on a search for blush. After reading the Refresh book and seeing how easy it is to make your cheeks look pretty, I was determined! I've got a natural redness to my skin which has meant for most of my life, I've worn minimal blush, simply because I didn't need to. I went into one store and the lady was not helpful. She basically told me that because I had pink understones, I had no hope for blush.

Um. no.

So I popped over to the Bay, and walked to the clinique counter. I knew I'd be paying a bit more money, but I also figured they'd probably listen to me and hopefully do a demo. I was right!

The girl working was super helpful. She found me product that worked with my face, and even tried two types of blush on me so I could see the difference. I walked out with new product, and feeling like I could actually get 'er done.

I walked away with new foundation, blush, mascara, and a fun illuminating cream. The last two pieces were freebies she added in. I know she was upselling and treating me well so I'd come back, and she was successful because I'll go back to her counter again.

The look is still really simple. But I feel pretty, which makes the day seem a bit brighter.

Foundation (alabaster). Blush (precious posy). Mascara (top & for the bottom). Liquid Illuminator. Powder.

Now, let's all let out that chuckle we held in. I'm wearing my glasses like a necklace. awkward.

Next week, I'll shared some awkward selfies of me with lipstick on. You're welcome in advance for that. Unless I chicken out, which is quite likely.

What's your beauty routine? Do you have a way to make your eyes pop? I don't want anything crazy, but if you've got links to pretty eyes that are REALLY EASY TO DO, then I want 'em!