life lately

I'm linking up with Blair again this week to share a glimpse into life lately!

First up occured a few weeks ago. I was prepping for worship team at my sister's place and she pulled my niece right on up to the piano to distract her while she did dishes. And then, instead of doing dishes, she took pictures and videos of us having fun! It was a really precious time for me.

The internet remains a sweet place for me. I've been having a lot of fun writing, both for here, for naptime diaries, and for some stuff coming up! I'm excited about the opportunities coming my way! I got to do a vlog interview with Moriah recently which was really fun! Did you check it out?

 I'm continuing to love the Influence Network. I love that once I've taken a class, I can take it again and again and again to gleam more wisdom. You can also listen to a lot of the talks from the Influence Conference last year. I've listened to a few and have been super blessed!

And then of course, video chats! Where would I be without those? I feel that once I've chatted with somebody in that face-to-face form, all of a sudden they get a new space in my heart. Don't get me wrong, I love all my twitter friends and blog friends, but I've got extra love once I've heard somebody talk to me.

The one pictured is with my sweet friend Virginia! She cooked dinner, ran after her kids, changed them out of their suddenly soaking clothes thank you automatic sprinklers, and we chatted life. I love that online friendships ARE real life.

On June 14th, I had the opportunity to play a role in a fundraiser for friends who are planting a church. The night was a great success and it was extra special to have my Mom and sister there to cheer my work on and support my friends!

On Saturday night, after work, I went to my sister's and hung out with this little princess. Oh man, I love this princess. She makes me wish that my other siblings lived closer so that I could go on walks with all of my nieces and nephews. For now, skype will do.

We went for a walk and just chatted. I mean, I chatted.