grace by the gallon

For the days that feel like weeks.

For the weeks that feel like years.

For the thankless gifts.

And even for the thanked ones.

No matter the day, the week, the lack, or the plenty, it's all by His mercy.

Which sure takes the pressure off.

Last night, I drove home from a volunteer appreciation night feeling unappreciated and unloved, which is very dumb because I had spent the entire evening being appreciated and loved.

I'm not quite sure why, but for me, a crowd full of people I know is far scarier than one of strangers. It's an oddity that makes up me.

I drove, and I cried, and I told God that I needed Him to intervene.

I know it's because I'm not getting enough sleep, but I've found myself in a grumpy week.

I'm normally very cheerful and not too moody.
This week I'm grumpy and snappy.

I can usually bounce back from mean comments and rude customers.
This week I'm taking everything to heart and thus bruising up like a peach.

So for the weeks like this one, where I'm feeling like I'm all alone while also being fully surrounded by people who love me, I'm claiming 2 Corinthians 4.

I'm also drinking grace by the gallon. (which means a lot)

What do you find yourself gravitating to? How's your week?