The next big thing

Last night my friend Ariana was over for dinner. We sat on my comfy couch and talked life. Mostly we talked about how everybody we know is either getting engaged, married, or having babies.

At one point I said something along the lines of sometimes I wish people would stop asking "what's next?" and simply ask "what's now?".

I've never really voiced that thought before, but it has crossed my mind.

It can be hard as a single girl to constantly feel like everybody is waiting for me to fall in love, myself especially included.
For the engagement.
For the marriage.
For the babies.
For the promotion.
For the grand-children.
For the next big thing.

For the whatever it is everybody is waiting for you to do.

It gets tiring.

So I'm letting yourself and myself off the hook today.

Let's simply be content in whatever season we're in right now, okay.

I'll try if you try.