the amount I have

A few morning ago as I was heading to work, I was thinking about blogging and stats, numbers and faces.

I realized something that I'd never even considered before.

If I led a ministry in a church, and each day, 65 people came to participate, I'd be satisfied.

     In fact, I might even go so far as calling that a success.

Why do I, because it's online, house expectations of grand and huge numbers?
I truly don't know.
Right now, my call is to steward my readership well.

If there does come a day when hundreds and thousands show up , I'll just put on more coffee and set up a few more chairs.

The message will never change.

Because the message is that Jesus died for sinners.

So for now, I can set up the chairs for those I know are coming, prepare my words, and thank Jesus for my pretty group that is exactly the size it's meant to be.

How about you? In your blog, ministry, church, or whatever you're leading, how do you steward well? How do you fight the tension between authenticity and growth? Share!