best friends are to sunny days

I interrupt your Monday in hopes that you are doing well, and finding joy in whatever kind of day you find yourself facing.

I shared a couple weeks ago that I've tentatively been raising my hand asking Jesus for more suffering, knowing that suffering leads to hope.

Well, He has been faithful in answering my prayer. While my feet have felt a little unsteady amidst the season I'm walking, I also have noticed that my trust in God isn't wavering. This isn't because I'm super great at trusting God. It's that He's been sifting my heart of control.

I met up with my mentor on Saturday and just talked about the word trust. It's one she really challenged me on during this past year because she knew I was claiming that I trusted God yet was also really holding onto control. I told her that I'm so thankful for this past year, and for her challenges, because now when I use the word trust, it holds so much more meaning to my heart.

Last night I went for a walk with my best friend Christy. I got ice cream, she got coffee, we sat and chatted, then we walked and chatted, then we sat on swings and chatted, and then walked and chatted some more. It was a perfect little evening.

She mentioned that my blog seems to be filled with hope lately. That really excited me, because I am filled with hope.

P.S. I'm hanging out over on my very lovely friend Moriah's blog today. Check it out!