a set of views

an old view.

I used to journal a lot. Nowadays I don't make as much time for that. I used to journal all my thoughts, a lot of my prayers, and a lot of songs. One of my current someday goals is to implement more handwritten writing into my life again.

Above left is a prayer. You can't read it because that's how I used to pray. I'd write Jesus at the top of the page and then just write out all my thoughts, over and over, on top and on top some more, keeping going until the prayer was done.

Above right is a song I wrote about 5 or so years ago. I pulled it out this week and was amazed that I could still remember it.

a new view.

I had a nice and long chit chat with a really dear friend on Monday. I left the conversation inspired to get a little more intentional around here. I'm not quite sure how that will look like, but I've pulled out a new journal, am working on a mission statement of sorts, and am thinking through a new design. I'll eventually start sharing some more about these thoughts filling my mind and journal.

Above left is said journal.

Above right is some prints and flowers. Pretty things inspire me, and there is no flower like a tulip to make me smile.

an overabundant view.

It really is fun to get to hang out with this little princess all the time.

a silly view.

This is from Mother's Day. It was fun, it was silly, and I loved it.