only good

As a songwriter, as a blog writer, as a worship leader, as a girl who loves to sing, as a all the things I am, I love music. I love a good sound. I'm drawn in by good music and kept in by beautiful lyrics. When I hear a song that pulls my heart in and points me to Jesus, I can't quite help but share it. Last year I had a series called Tune-y Tuesday and each week I shared thoughts on a song. It was a good challenge, one that proved to me that I could handle the walk through series that I've got going on now.

While I don't miss having to find music each week, one in a while I come across a song that just moves me. A song that causes my heart to stop striving and find the peace I already knew in Jesus.

This song is one of them. I'm not quite sure if Meredith Andrews writes her songs, but she certainly sings them very well.

Enjoy it okay. Take a minute (or 5) out of your day and just listen.