in whom I will trust

Recently, I wrote of being inspired. I shared some of the things I had done that day, but I neglected to mention one other thing. I watched this video. It's beautiful and incredible and filled with a whole lotta hope. Watch it okay? K great.

"Even if we're going through a hard season, which many of us are, there's so many things in life that are just, really hard, and really shaking, and it can shake your faith, and it can shake the foundation that you have built your life on. But the only thing I know that is right and is true is that Jesus is the rock. you know, He says that in the Word, but I don't think we really understand the full meaning of what that is until we go through stuff that is just, really hard, and we have to rely on who He is."

Kari Jobe

"Things that will shake us don't shake God, because He doesn't change."

Kari Jobe

I have a lot of respect for Kari Jobe. I think her heart for Jesus is beautiful, and her voice is just incredible. I'm going to her concert on Saturday and I am so SO SO very excited for that.

I could pretty much share every song she's ever recorded, (and I kind of have here on the blog before) but I'll stick to just this one. I love this version.

What's inspiring you lately? I'm inspired by walks, people talking about Jesus, new music, old music, flowers, kids, all sorts.