I want my words to tell a story.

A story untold will never impact a heart.

That makes sense right?

When I take the time to open my heart to somebody, or to the internet, I have the opportunity to impact them.

I pray that my words are impactful, that they point people to the God who created everything, to the Jesus who redeems, to the Holy Spirit that aides.

I've been working for months on my testimony. well I was working on it. I started writing it months and months ago, but I got overwhelmed when it came to the part of me walking away from Jesus, so I put it away.

Last week I opened a new document and started writing just a snippet of my story. I'm still working on the piece, and I'm not quite sure if it'll end up here or as a guest post for a friend, but regardless, it needs to be shared.

I tend to look down on pastors who speak with a lot of stories, which is pretty dumb of me, since Jesus spoke in stories. He knew that stories would draw people in and would remain in their memory, thus changing their life and heart.

So since I've had this gentle conviction to stop looking down on others who use share stories as illustrations, I've realized I want to tell more stories.

A true story of redemption, which is my own story, and which is the story of anybody who has given their life to God.

I want to tell stories of what I learn.

I want to push myself to share stories of things that haven't happened, because there is something kind of magical in a made-up story, especially one that still teaches something beautifully.

It's like when kids watch shows on tv. Most of those shows are trying to teach the kid something, like to share. I guess I want my blog to do that, to teach people, sometimes in such a way that they don't even know they're being taught.

I want my words to tell a story.
And I'm excited to share more of mine.

What's your story? Have you shared it online? What makes you share it or not share it?