Easter (it really happened)

So, Easter was a while ago, but I'm sharing some photos from our family day together. As the local part of our family, we enjoyed some sweet times. In adequately random order, here are some parts of our day.

Porch Photo Shoot!

POND WALK with photos taken on the dock


PASKA! if you don't know what paska is, I promise you that you are missing out. I strongly, I mean strongly, suggest that you come over to my house next Easter. You'll be in for a treat. I've tasted a lot of paska in my life (hello Mennonite heritage, thank you for being wonderful)  and there is nobody as good at cooking Paska as my Mom. So take this as your official invitation. Easter comes but once a year, so paska is a treat!

 EASTER EGG (read chocolate) HUNT! We may not be kids anymore, but we do like chocolate! AND my Dad really loves hiding our stuff.

YET ANOTHER PHOTO SHOOT! Can you tell who the star is of ALL the photos?

Obviously, Easter is all about Jesus. This kinda stuff is peripheral, and fun.