The best way to get new (to you) clothes!

Yesterday a few friends came over to swap some clothes. The idea is super simple, but before I'd heard of it a couple years ago, I never would have though to host one myself or even go to one.

We've all got clothes, accessories, and just stuff sitting around that we don't use.

A clothing swap provides a perfect solution.

I bring the stuff that I don't wear as much anymore.
So do you.
And so does another friend and another one and another one.

Somehow, there are mounds of clothes, every time. I've never been to one where there haven't been tons of clothes!

Then you all lay it out, walk around looking at each other's stuff and taking what you like.

Depending on who is hosting, rules vary, but we ran whatever we grabbed by our friends to make sure it actually looked good on us.

I walked away with an awesome leather jacket. I would probably never buy it on my own, but I'll definitely wear it now!

Seriously, look at all that. That's six girl's shirts. That is a lot of shirts.

We kept it simple (as in I wasn't a very good host, but my friends are wonderful) and just had cupcakes and chips, wine and soda.

What about you? Ever been to a clothing swap?

(also, this is how I feel about my Sunday)