Taking a wall from ugly to pretty in 7 easy steps

Just kidding. The 7 part is a lie. It just sounds nice and enticing. Right?

Recently a friend and I went to Granville Island (a local tourist hot spot in Vancouver, also the current home of my church) to play tourist.

I got enticed by some pretty paper and took it home. A night of crafting (which is odd for me - I'm not crafsty. My friend mocked me, and my roommate mocked me, because they always have to do the work. I'm an idea person. I know that about myself. I'm actually totally fine with it. In general, I often think up great things but very much struggle with execution - in the craftsy DIY section)!

So. Pretty paper.

Ugly wall. I forgot to take a before picture. I'm also not very sorry for that. It wasn't pretty. ain't nobody got time for that.

Step 1. Find pretty paper. I found mine at a local paper shop called Paper~Ya. Decide to frame pretty paper.

Step 2. Grab all the frames you happen to have lying around, which for me totalled I think 10 (I'm the girl at IKEA buying twenty frames at once, just in case I need them).

Step 3. Kindly ask your friend and roommate (also a friend) to cut out the paper so that it fits each frame. I'm not very good at cutting things because that requires precision, a skill I lack.

Step 4. Put papers in frames.

Step 5. Strategically plan and place photos. you might find yourself changing your mind, switching things, and quite likely laughing at yourself in the process.

Step 6. Kindly ask your roommate to put up pictures. This after attempting yourself and being giggled at. I'd say laughed at but I do have kind friends. They giggled.

Step 7. Spend several weeks moving frames around until finally you like it. And be sure to add a Naptime Diaries print in the very center! Mine is this one. Also be sure to take the finished photo at night so the lighting is bad. for sure do that. How's that for a non-DIY blogger?

I made it into 7 steps. You're welcome.

I'm certainly not a crafty person but I do like when I sucessfully make something (or envision it - the completion typically is done by others).

I love that when I sit on my computer (as I so often do), I can glance towards the wall at my left and see a pretty well.

What about you? Make anything cool lately? Pull up a chair and tell me about it!